About Shuye

    Shuye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern private-funded high-tech enterprise that specializes in research & development of environmental technology and engages in international operation in the packaging industry. In 2014, Guangdong Wasted Plastics Recycle Engineering Technology Research center has been established in our company. 
    Relying on our leading environmental-protection and energy-conservation technology and strong research & development technical force that is supported by enormous investment, Shuye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has integrated the foreign and domestic technical force together, carrying out continuously further research on recycling and using wasted plastics for more than 10 years, and has successfully developed the technique of polyester waste ‘Film to Film’ Recycled Utilization, which not only fills in the gap in our country, but also achieves international leading technique and realizes solidly the environmental dream of turning waste into treasure. This technique has already been completed with the experimental stage and pilot scale production, now our enterprise is preparing to set up a production system which owns a handling capacity of 72 thousand tons of polyester wastes annually, and production of 50 thousand tons of environmental PET film and polyester sheet material. This world-advanced technique that Shuye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd owns will undoubtedly accelerate the global process of environmental protection for the whole industry and will be widely used in film industry and its related industries thus make a brilliant contribution to world environmental career.      
     Shuye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, with registered capital of  17.5 million USD, occupying an area of more than 180 Mu (Mu is equal to 667 square meters) and a factory with more than 60 thousand square meters. Our company mainly specializes in new energy-saving environmental protection, nano-level new optical material, development and utilization of recycled resource technology, recycling and renewal of wasted plastics, producing and selling plastic product, environmental material , polyester film, sheet material, chemical fiber, paper product, shopping bag, woven bag, non-woven fabric, etc. Our company has about 500 employees, of which more than 200 are various technical staffs.
      Our company has passed many authentications of ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001, and has been awarded many honorary titles, such as National High-Tech Enterprise, Guangdong Province’s Leading Enterprise on Resource Integrated Utility, Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, and Guangdong Famous Brand, etc.
    Our company consistently focuses on the research, development, usage of functional film and environmental packaging material, and the products which are created by our companies include: heat-seal & iron-coating film series, infrared-proof & ultraviolet-proof film series, white film & matt film Series, and various industrial environmental package & environmental purchase bags series, etc. Our products and techniques are awarded many patents of national invention, utility models and appearance design.  
     Based on leading technical level and product advantage, our company gradually focuses on our  global operational strategy and development, speeds up the development of oversea market, meanwhile, we registered our brands in USA, Canada and Hongkong. Our service covers all around the country and our customers are widespread in each part of the world and different regions. Functional film has been served for global large-scale or middle-scale packaging enterprises. After years of cooperation, Shuye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has acquired recognition and trust from our vast customers, and thus established stable cooperation with them, becoming long-term strategic partnership.
      In January 2014, Shuye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in New Tertiary Technological Plate in stock market, proclaiming Shuye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. a starting point for a wholly-new route.
  24 Years’ Tracks, 24 Years’ Brilliance
    Currently, Shuye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has completed transformation of industrial upgrade, turning into a large-scale national High-Tech enterprise. Shuye Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. consistently honors the core mission of ‘Developing Recycling Economy, Striving as Environmental Pioneer’, actively implements environmental conception, continuously strengthens environmental culture and pursue environmental management, thus have trained a green operational and administrative team, further understanding environmental conception, having awareness of green market and being based on exceeding innovative genes, which lays a firm foundation for company’s sustainable development.   


       Prospecting future, Shuye People will continue to further understand environmental conception, deepen our transformation and upgrade, set national strategy and industrial development as guidance, make technical innovation as core value, stride for our goal of ‘Creating A World-level Growth-type Enterprise with Further Understanding of Environmental Conception’, steadily and solidly persist in the road on environmental technology’s pursuit. We, by right of global wisdom, will use green and environmental technology to nurture nature, and contribute ourselves to protecting earth’s ecological system.